In 2007, I had an idea to make a short horror film featuring some of my puppet creations. After putting a couple of these films online, the Creepy Puppet Project started gaining a loyal fan base. I received enthusiastic encouragement from those to really enjoyed the crazy stuff I was making. Not only did I find joy in connecting with fans, but I enjoy all the creative aspects of creating and producing these odd videos.

As of 2009, I have been spending what time, energy and finances I can on creating more Creepy Puppet Projects in hopes of reaching a greater online audience and also in hopes of putting forward my desire to show the Creepy Puppet Project as a valid television & multi media product for network series broadcast. So many people complain there is nothing "new" on TV...Well, I offer viewers something totally different!








At the moment, I'm producing all the Creepy Puppet Projects out of my humble home studio and basement workspace. I have proven that I can produce original works given no budget and with limited resources. Now if I can just have the attention of some network executives or such similar professionals!

As this project is unconventional, I am taking an unconventional approach to putting my creative ideas forward. So, if you are a network or broadcasting executive, I welcome your communication.

If you are simply a fan of my works, I thank you ever so much for your support and ask that you keep spreading the Creepy Puppet Project to all those you know via links to this site, my Youtube channel and also the Facebook fan page.

Until some impressive and legitimate production deals come my way, or until I win the lottery, I’ll be doing my best to bring you more of my creations as best as I can.

Keeping it Creepy!!
Matt Ficner.